Commissioner Thompson cleared in Ethics Investigation

The Florida Commission on Ethics found no probable cause that Commissioner Thompson voted on measures that inured to any special private gain by his company, Orange Enterprises, Inc. or Mosaic. It also found that Mr. Thompson had no conflicting relationship with Mosaic when he was a member of the Planning and Zoning Board.

This information was released in the Advocate’s report on August 2013.

One thought on “Commissioner Thompson cleared in Ethics Investigation

  1. justhis4u

    TECHNICALITY — Let’s be careful with the words like “cleared” of ethics violation. This word was also used to describe ethics questions about Commissioner Birge and others (not true). In reality, it means nothing out of context. Cleared of What? Did Commissioner Thompson receive a lot of money over years from doing business with a large corporation that comes to County agencies often for rulings that mean billions to their bottom line? Was he in a position of influence and power as the Chair of the Planning Board? Did he have the opportunity to sway the Commission votes that kept his “biggest customer (I understand he said at a CATS meeting) very happy? Is this a conflict of interest? In my opinion, YES.

    I called the Commission on Ethics last week. Until, we read the “report of investigation” and the transcript of the hearing, we are only guessing. From what little I know, it appears Mr. Thompson dodged the bullet on a technicality revolving around a corporation structure that broke the direct connection to his pocket. Again, I need to read the full report to find why what looked to be a clean conflict case that was well researched by the submitter (not me) was bounced. I do not think it was because he was a victim of mistaken identity.

    I was told, the ethics enforcers struggle with manipulations around corporate structure (holding companies, LLCs, board members) that insulate (on purpose) the principles from exposure to liabilities and conflicts of interest. Ever wonder why LifeSync Technologies was incorporated in Nevada and then filed as a foreign corporation in Florida as a LLC (Limited Liability Company)? State Representative James Grant is an attorney and know how to create distance between himself and accountability.

    So, let’s not declare Mr. Thompson an innocent man on death row for 20 years suddenly found innocent from a DNA test. NOPE. What is needed now is for Mr. Thompson to fully explain his relationship with his largest customer. Also, he is now an elected official voting on mining issues all the time. I hear there is more reason for concern about issues not in the original complaint.


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